Circuit breaker

is R21-2-20.0A-39993-2-V a 2.5 amp breaker or a 20 amp breaker?
documentation says it is 20 amp but Digikey website says 2.50 amp.
before i order, please which one is correct?


I have looked at the documentation and I believe that our website is in error. I too see that it is rated at 20.0 Amps. I will pass this on to the folks that verify this sort of thing.

I do hope this helps!

How may i order the 2.50 amp circuit breakers?
i need 140 units

please verify that PP21-4-20.0A-36473-3-V is actually a 2.50 amp circuit breaker also.
i would like to order either one eventually

Our apologies, the product info team missed the information on page 67 of this datasheet: , it is definitely not 2.5A but 20A. After the -4 in the beginning of the part, it would have to be -2.50A for what you are asking for. I have informed our team to change the value stated on our site.


I do apologize but I was out of office the last three days of last week.

If you are looking for the 2.5A version of this the part number would start with the following:


I can see we only have a non-catalog order option for this in our system. There is a lead time but you can get the product.

DIGI-KEY PART # [PP21-4-2.50A-XX-V-ND]
DESCRIPTION Circuit Breaker Magnetic (Hydraulic Delay) 8A 250 V AC 65 V DC Push-Pull Plunger Panel Mount

If the product needs to be both in stock and two poles rated at 2.5A, then these are the options we have. You will see they are not fit and form.
Link to possible options (not fit or form)

I do hope this helps!

A house that frequently gets affected by destructive electrical surges like mine needs more tolerance against overcurrents. So, how should I choose a circuit breaker?

An electrical circuit breaker is designed for, and should only be used for, preventing fire due to overheated wires.

To adjust the trip value based on any parameter other than the heating of the wiring is unsafe and violates the electrical code of every country I know.

For reducing power surge related damage you should add power surge reduction devices to your system.

Note that there are devices such as the AHW120/240-100 available which are designed to provide surge protection at an electrical panel. Such an item would need to be professionally installed and has a limited service life, but may be a worthwhile investment if frequent overvoltage events are an issue.