Amphenol ICC (FCI) 10090928 Series Connector Soldering Recommendation

If you are looking for the 10090928 Series Connector from Amphenol ICC (FCI), you may see there is a material type code (P or H) of the part number system listed on datasheet.

Verified by manufacturer,

P— material is PPT which can withstand 220 degree C.
H— material is PA9T which can withstand 280 degree C.

H can withstand 280 degree C which is higher than solder tin bath temperatures of 260 degree C.

For the -P (PPT), if the part is soldered by tin bath, the manufacturer suggests monitoring the product temperature by thermocouple during the soldering process to ensure it remains below 220 degree C.

Applicable part number
DK Part # Mfr Part #
609-10090928-H154VLF-ND 10090928-H154VLF
609-10090928-H156VLF-ND 10090928-H156VLF
609-4026-ND 10090928-P154VLF
609-4027-ND 10090928-P154XLF
10090928-P156VLF-ND 10090928-P156VLF
10090928-P156XLF-ND 10090928-P156XLF
609-4028-ND 10090928-P264VLF
609-4029-ND 10090928-P264XLF
10090928-P266VLF-ND 10090928-P266VLF
10090928-P266XLF-ND 10090928-P266XLF
10090928-P444VLF-ND 10090928-P444VLF
609-4030-ND 10090928-P444XLF
10090928-P446VLF-ND 10090928-P446VLF
10090928-P446XLF-ND 10090928-P446XLF
10090928-P624VLF-ND 10090928-P624VLF
10090928-P624XLF-ND 10090928-P624XLF
10090928-P626VLF-ND 10090928-P626VLF
10090928-P626XLF-ND 10090928-P626XLF
10090928-P784VLF-ND 10090928-P784VLF
10090928-P784XLF-ND 10090928-P784XLF
10090928-P786VLF-ND 10090928-P786VLF
10090928-P786XLF-ND 10090928-P786XLF