Help with male connector and cable to 10130643-001LF

I have the 10130643-001LF connector on my board, and I’m looking for the matching male connector and cable to it.
The connector is:
Digi-Key Part Number 10130643-001LF-ND
Thanks for help :slight_smile: !


Despite having 10130643-001LF listed on our site, I wasn’t able to find any information about it other than the description stating that it’s a SATA connector. Can you post a photo of the part or find the product code for the board so we can research that, instead?

In the meantime, I can try contacting Amphenol ICC (FCI) to see if they will respond with any documents or part suggestions.

only thing I have is this picture:
I think the pitch is 2.54…
this is 6-pins (the leftmost and rightmost are currently connected - it’s DC powered

Sorry, this 10130643-001LF Amphenol ICC (FCI) SATA PLUG is actually not on stock.
Alternatively SATA01122693 from Amphenol ICC (FCI) as SATA 6G 7P PLUG VT SMT has a standard leadtime of 10 Weeks or 10129275-312HLF with 9 Weeks.

Thank you. Your photo arrived at the same time as my other information, so we’ve now confirmed the answer. Part number 10130643-001LF was returning results for the connector you have, but also for a board-edge type which is completely different. The manufacturer corrected the data for us.

The mating part number is 10130648-001LF. This is not sold as a cable assembly, but as a connector kit. The wire (AWG) sizes are given, though:
10130648c_B.PDF (667.9 KB)

On your board, it looks like only the power contacts are connected. The signal contacts have been left open. You can configure the mating connector that way if needed.

Part number 10130648-001LF is not available on our site, and I am not sure if we could acquire that in small quantities. The part on your board is already a non-stocked part on our site, and it can only be ordered through a quote which would involve minimum order quantities (possibly 500). The same would be true for 10130648-001LF.

At least you have the mating part number to work with, now.

Thank you very much guys,
I’f it is available to purchase it in small quantities, say 20 parts - I would be glad to hear how.
(Or maybe you know another place I can get it? :face_with_monocle:)
Thank you!