Help identifying a part and finding a replacement

Hello, All,
For the past month, I have been trying to identify a 40-pin SMD/SMT FFC connector with a claim shell lock and bottom contact. The dimensions of the part are .4mm wide - 2.2mm long - 0.1mm height and a .01 space between the wire/pad connectors. The closest DigiKey part is Amphenol ICC (FCI) F31L-1A7H1-11040, but that part’s physical dimensions do not match.
The part came from a CyberPowerPC Tracer V laptop’s USB/audio board. I could not find a replacement board or any cross-reference information, and customer service and warranty options did not work. I am hoping the community here may be able to help. I took photos of what was left of the part as it received heat and physical damage from a bad previous repair attempt. I also took a photo of the place on the circuit board where the part went. Any help would be very welcomed to find a replacement for the needed part or a suitable close match to it. Thank you,

Hello thmadtinker,

To help narrow down options (FFC Connector list ) what is the pitch of the connector? Measured from center of one pin to center of the adjacent.

Thank you,

I did meassure the pitch and it came to .05mm, thank you for your help. So far, I am still stuck on find s good replacement part. I am not sure if Digikey has a part with that size of pitch,

Anothrer question I has is able the location of the side solder/ground pad on both the part and the circuit board. Would a simular or even a close match ground pad work?

Thank you again for using the Digikey Tech Forum.
I am sorry to inform you that you are right,
I could not find connectors in are system with those specs and pitch

thank you, for your help. Would you know any other part sources that I might check out. The best I can find out on research I did about the part is it is either a chinese, or korean designed part, beyond that I am stumped,

I am not sure . I did some searching and was unable to locate anything.

thank you,for your help, I will keep looking,