Assistance with Identification of FPC connector

I have tried to find it on the digikey site using the filters, but have had no luck. Can only find it on AliExpress and cannot wait 3 months to get it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It’s difficult to determine the pitch without a size reference, and I’m not entirely sure what the position count would be based on the photo either–kinda looks like an 11-position to me, but what look like contacts in these things sometimes aren’t…

This video might be helpful in terms of understanding the FPC connector finding process. We might not have that exact one, but likely have something similar. If you’re looking for something to fit a spot on an existing board in a replacement/repair sort of situation, getting a datasheet for the original or good measurements of the land patterns on the board would be necessary to determine in any possible alternative would fit.

Thanks Rick for the information.

Using the video as a reference the distance from the middle of the first and last contact on the ribbon cable is 3.00mm and then 11 contacts -1 contact as she states makes it a .3 pitch.

It is a replacement connector for a nintendo switch mainboard, where the left joycon connects internally via fpc ribbon cable. (Nintendo isn’t too hot on releasing datasheets to the public and I’ve checked reddit and neogaf and nothing.)

I’ve gone ahead and attached a pic of the pin layout on the pcb.

Overall the connector is around 4.75mm wide, 3.1mm deep, with about a .75mm height.

Thank you for the measurements. After looking at that it is possible this connector H122000CT-ND might fit those specs.
Please take a look at this one and see if it will work for you.

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I’ll order a few and give them a go.

Thank you for all your help!