Trouble finding correct FFC cables and connectors

For a project of mine i am trying to find an FFC to DIP converter that would fit this FFC cable.

The ribbon is 20mm wide and has 33 pins so according to my research I need a 33 pin 0.6mm pitch FFC connector. I think I’ve looked all over and not found one so I’m wondering if I’m wrong about what I need?
Thank you for helping and sorry for my relative ignorance on the subject.

Checking on this one. Will let you know what I find.

Hi darrylmartin ,

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key TechForum. I wonder if there are pins in-between the 33 pins, maybe 65, 66, or 67 staggered actual pins. The best we were able to contrive so far would be below, please review datasheet specifications before ordering. I’ve found the easiest way to locate these specific drawings currently is searching the manufacturer part number on a search engine.

Click here for stocking options FH26G-67S-0.3SHBW(05) | TF43SW-66S/4-0.5SH(800) | FH33MHJ-65S-0.4SH(10)

Click here for other non-stocking options.

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Thanks a lot. When i remove the cable from the connector i can see there are indeed pins between the ones I had counted but they are shorter and I guess I hadn’t thought they counted.


I am seeing we have that type of cable.


However I am not seeing the 67 position cable so far in our system at this time.

The cable has 67 contacts. I would say that the FH26G-67S-0.3SHBW(05) connector mentioned by @Ryan_2724 is likely a proper mate for that cable.

The FPC030P071 breakout board looks like a match for that connector. Unfortunately, we do not have this breakout board in stock currently, though it can probably be ordered as a back-order item.

Thanks everyone. I’m sure those products are just the ones I need. That solves most of my problems. I think I might also need a cable if someone can help that would be great but it’s not as important. There didn’t seem to be one from what I could see

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