Help searching for correct FFC ribbon cable


I was wondering if anyone could please assist me to identify the correct replacement FFC ribbon cable which connects an LCD screen to a PCB in a 2000 era sat nav unit for a car. The one pictured below is broken

I believe it has 24 pins with both ends on the same side, is 20mm wide, and is about 80mm long.

Also what do the AWM numbers mean? e.g. AWM 2896 80c VW-1

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. We have these options you can look at for flat cables . These have a 0.5mm pitch which is the spacing from the center of one conductor to the center of the conductor next to it, you’ll need to verify the pitch to be sure it fits… Here is a good link that explains cable markings.

Thanks Steve, thats helpful. I have ordered a cable so hopefully its the right fit!

hello @benjamin8732 , have you been able to find the cable? if yes, where? I am looking for the very same cable I believe (for the display of a BMW 3 Series E46 sat nav). Thanks