Can I get a link to this item

Hi there,

I need this ribbon cable but cannot find it on the site
20706 vw-1 awm 60v 14pins

Hi xirtos,
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum, take a look at these flat flex cables for a possible match . You will need to select the length and pitch to match your cable.

The voltage doesn’t matter?
Or the film type? etc


Hi xirtos,
It would be best to match or exceed the voltage rating but first you will need to select a cable that will fit and then view the data sheet to verify the voltage rating. Film type not so much unless the application is specific based on environment, motion, etc.

The 60V written on the cable is more than likely a voltage rating. I pulled up a couple datasheets in the link that Steve sent your way, and the 60V is a pretty common voltage rating maximum for a signal cable.

I did break down the cable markings here if you’re interested in reading about it:

@Lindsay_1029 @Steve_Fellman

Thanks for your help. I found some additional resources to calculate the pitch and ordered 3 cables - let’s hope one of them works :slight_smile: