Flat Ribbon Cables

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Flat Ribbon Cables are a series of single conductor wires placed parallel to each other and molded together. Most ribbon cables are color coded for pin one usually red in color. The cable types are Flat cable, Flat Jacket, Ground Plane, Round Jacket, Split Conductor, Flat Twin Axial, and Flat Twisted Pair with the number of conductors ranging from 2 to 154 and pitch ranging from 0.017” (0.43mm) to 0.394” (10.00mm).


Cable Type: Indicates the physical form or structure of the cable.

Number of Conductors: The number of individual conductive channels available in the cable.

Pitch: Indicates the center-to-center spacing between adjacent conductors.

Length: Indicates the length of the cable.

Wire Gauge: Indicates the gauge rating of the individual conductors in the ribbon.

Conductor Strand: Indicates the number and size of the strands of which each conductor in a cable/wire is composed; a value of 7/30 for example would indicate that each is formed from seven 30 AWG strands. All else equal, conductors formed from larger numbers of smaller strands tend to be more flexible.

Shielding: Whether or not the device possesses an electrically insulating barrier that helps to reduce or eliminate electromagnetic interference.

Jacket Color: Indicates the color of the outermost insulation layer of the cable.

Ribbon Thickness: Indicates the measurement of the cable from top to bottom, i.e. its β€˜thin’ dimension.

Ribbon Width: Defines the measurement of the cable from side to side, i.e. its β€˜wide’ dimension.

Jacket (Insulation) Material: Indicates the material used for the outermost jacketing of the cable.

Voltage: Typically this represents the maximum voltage rating to which a cable will meet its given specifications. Exceeding this voltage rating may damage the device and other system components.

Operating Temperature: Recommended operating temperature, typically given in a range or as a maximum. Exceeding these temperatures may affect performance or damage the cable and other system components.

Ratings: Minimum performance standards of the cable, which are typically set by a third party.

Features: These are different capabilities or properties of the device such as hi-flex and zippable.



MFR PART # 1000570021
DIGIKEY PART # 1454-1000570021-DS-ND
MANUFACTURER Molex - Temp Flex
DESCRIPTION Flat Ribbon Cable Natural 20 Conductors 0.025" (0.64mm) Flat Cable Enter Number of Feet in Order Quantity


MFR PART # 3365/10 100
DIGIKEY PART # 3M157849-100-ND
DESCRIPTION Flat Ribbon Cable Gray 10 Conductors 0.050" (1.27mm) Flat Cable 100.0’ (30.48m)


MFR PART # AWG28-10/F/300
MANUFACTURER Assmann WSW Components
DESCRIPTION Flat Ribbon Cable Multiple 10 Conductors 0.050" (1.27mm) Flat Cable 300.0’ (91.44m)


MFR PART # 1700/40 100
DIGIKEY PART # 3M157910-100-ND
DESCRIPTION Flat Ribbon Cable Multiple 40 (20 Pair Twisted) Conductors 0.050" (1.27mm) Flat Twisted Pair 100.0’ (30.48m)


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DigiKey Value Add Capabilities > Custom IDC Rectangular Cable Assemblies - Interconnect / Cable Assemblies

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For information on markings on ribbon cables, see Wire Markings Printed on Cables - What do they mean?

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