Help finding FFC connector


I have FFC connector pins broken on a board. I am looking for a replacement connector so I can plug-in this 30 pin ribbon cable
Please advise.

it should look like below.


Hello Neoson21,
Thank you for posting on our forum, and welcome to the community.

On our product page, there is two connecters listed that can be used with that cable.

PN 5051103091 and PN 5051103096

Checked those two suggestions. Unfortunately, they don’t work as they are right angled.

I am looking for connector where cable goes in vertically and the connector socket has 15 pins on each side, making it total 30 pins.

Hello again,
These two connectors might work.

Dont think they would work either. they have bottom contacts only one side.

It should look like below.


Hi neoson21,

I’d suggest IMSA-9665S-30Y800 by Iriso connectors.

heke, AsamaLab

Thank you. That appears to be correct connector but cant purchase from that link. Can you please help me find it on digikey for purchase?

also, can it take ribbon cable with ear tabs like below


Sorry we do not have any connectors like the one heke showed you above , the only ones we have to offer are the ones that Nathan_Henneman showed you above.

Thanks Craig

Okay. Looking at that Nathan suggested, I couldnt confirm if it has staggered contacts on both sides of the connector.

Can you please confirm if it has contacts on both sides and staggered? TIA