Ribbon cable repair connection


Have four ribbon cables that came disconnected on some battery backups when they got moved. Open to suggestions on the best way to reconnect them.

Pictures below. Some were disconnected internally and some to the pictured board ( minimum clearance in last picture ). Ones disconnected internally have plenty of room.
Though I would just lightly scratch and solder direct but the cable is sooooo thin.
Thinking best way to repair would be to de-solder existing board connector and replace with some like this ( but with 8 pin )


Looking for something currently in stock. Like to get these back in service by Friday if possible.
Thank You for any suggestions and appreciate your time.


Hi Digital Stone, The connector you have listed, is not a board mount type of connector, It is just for cable mounting. I think the easiest way would just be to change out the cable. Do you know the pitch of the cable? That would be center of one pin to the center of the next pin. Depending on the pitch and the length you need, we have several tab cables like this. Please see link with options below.


Depending on Length and Pitch as Glenda mentioned above I think a FFC Cable with Solder tabs may be a good option. Looks like we have 8 pos options in a .050" and .1" pitch in lengths from 2"-8"
Take a look Here. -Robert


Since it appears to be connecting two simple 2-layer PCB’s with nice large clearances and big pads. I’d grab my roll of standard ribbon cable, split it down to the right number of conductors and solder it between the two boards.

Pre-made FFC or other types of cables are fantastic at saving assembly labor, or allowing the use of robots, in mass production but for DIY repairs I tend to go for the traditional low parts cost, or zero parts cost*, way.

*Zero cost if you recycle an old IDE hard disk or other PC cable.