Best repair method for Broken FPC ribbon crimp type?

We have a very old flat cable, very thin trace, not able to solder for repair, Flat thin plastic


33 millmeter wide band
12 conductors
1 mm wide bands
1 mm wide spacing

Ribbon got broke into two pieces Looking to repair by installing crimp style connectors on each that we will clean cut, no contacts on ends

Thought we would put crimp on both ends male / female or two females and we can make pinnned wires to reconnect together if male female not available same series

Found this connector below it looks like the right style to get the repair done , if you have the correct ends and size it will save the day Pictures included Any help?!!!

Found so far Molex Part number /series 015388

I sent pics to applications email

Hello, Our forum has the ability to have photos uploaded to it, so can you upload your photos to this forum thread?

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I sent photos to yesterday,

Thank You.

I see one of our technicians replied to your email. Here is what he offered:

The part number 0015388128, requires a purchase of 1020 pieces to order it.
I found these connectors, that we have in stock.
Click here for 1-487378-1-ND, and Click here for A112276-ND.
The contacts are sold separately, and listed near the bottom of the page, under “Associated Product”.
If you need some cable for the repair, or to try and replace the whole cable, Click here for the available cables. Some will show 0 stock, but it is a value-added part, so any of the length can be cut and shipped, as we have the full spools.

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