Identifying ribbon cable connector component from Logitech Mx master mouse


I’m trying to repair my mouse and I was looking for help identifying this 12pin connector. A ribbon cable connects to it with a corresponding white female connector which broke and I’m hoping to replace. Any help would be appreciated. The component is circled in the photo below

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I did not see anything exactly like this part. Here is a link I found:

The pitch was not listed for the connector on the board. This is measured from the center of one pin to the center of the next one. You can review the options to see if you can make one of these work.

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I’m wondering if what you’re referring to as a corresponding white female connector is actually the flip lock or wedge lock of a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) connector, which would be part of the assembly of that connector you have on the board. I couldn’t find a visual match to that connector but I think you might be missing a piece of it.

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Hello Mohammed,

This video shows the connector.

This is a tricky repair:

  1. You will need to first determine the pitch of the cable and locate a suitable replacement from these offerings. This is a small cable. You may need to use a tool such as a dial caliper to measure the small dimensions. Hint: don’t try to measure the individual wire distances. Instead measure across all wires and then divide by the number of wires.
  1. I understand that you don’t need the cable. However, by first identifying the cable you can then identify the appropriate flat flexible connector. Your connector may or may not be located among the following connectors:

Regretfully, I have no way of knowing which cable you have or how to identify the appropriate connector without knowing the physical dimensions.

Please let us know if you were successful or if we can provide further assistance.

Best Wishes,


P.S. Do you still have the broken parts? Maybe you will be lucky and find a part number.

P.P.S Good call on the ZIF @Kristof_2649. Your hint led me to look for the video.

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Thank you all for the replies and information. The pitch seems to be 6mm length / 12 connectors = 0.5 mm. The cable is this one except with 12 connections:
The text on the cable is P-TWO RJ AWM 20696 E221612 80C 30V.

I narrowed it down to these FFC connectors but I’m not yet certain which one would work

The connector on the mouse pcb has leads on top and bottom but the cable only has leads on one side

Hello Mohammed,

I was hoping you would have found a part number on the connector or on the missing piece.

Moving on, I have a chain of conditional questions:

  1. Is the part broken or did a piece simply come undone? If it’s not broken stop here.

  2. Assume it is broken, do you have the tools and ability to desolder the connector from the PCB? If no, stop here.

  3. Once the component is removed, can you physically match the PCB footprint to one of the items in your narrowed down list?

Thank you for your patience, without a part number it can be difficult to narrow the search from among DigiKey’s 3 million connector offerings.



P.S. Any assistance from the community would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like a right angle connector. If it was a hinged flip lock that broke off, Click here for the closest matches, that I was able to find. You will have to check the datasheets to verify compatibility, and whether you need top or bottom contacts. (Will depend on how the cable plugged into it).


The part that’s broken is a white hinged flip lock that I unfortunately lost. It was on the cable. I couldn’t find any part number on the connector piece that’s on the PCB, which is not broken. Thanks for the list of closest matches, those look promising and I will try those out and write back here when I know more

Looking forward to your reply Mohammed.

Glad we could help.

Hi Mohammed,

This resembles GCT’s 2B35, with opposite colors for housing and actuator.

You could try buying the connector and replacing only the actuator part although there seems to be slight damage on the housing (avoids soldering rework).
Cheers, heke


Hi heke, this looks like a match. I’ve ordered some and will attempt the repair. Thanks