Amphenol LTW ‘M’ Series Thread and Wire Suffix

Within the Amphenol LTW ‘M’ series, some of the connector options may not appear in the Digi-key search filters: [click here ]. In particular, the last three characters indicate important information regarding the type of threads and the wire length and cable pitch.

Product codes ending in 001 and 002 indicate a circular connector without wires. The 001 suffix indicates PG9 threads, and the 002 suffix indicates M16*1.5 threads. See page 02 of the drawing: [click here ].


For product codes ending in Bxx or Cxx, ‘B’ indicates PG9 threads, and ‘C’ indicates M16*1.5 threads. There are multiple codes possible for the ‘xx’ portion of this suffix, but they will all indicate the wire length (millimeters) and possibly a cable pitch unit. See page 02 of the drawing: [click here ].

There are also some older (obsolete) part numbers with an 004 or 005 suffix which now correspond to new connector part numbers. Use the Amphenol LTW Consolidation and End of Life (EOL) Notification to identify those: [click here ]. Note that some ‘M’ series products in the EOL document are cable assemblies as shown in the following drawing (more suffixes) [click here ].

For the PG9 and M16 options, use the correct panel cutout as shown in the drawing.


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