Amphenol RJF replacement part identification

I am trying to identify the proper replacement o-ring for an Amphenol RJF connector.

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It would be helpful if you could post a picture of what you’re needing. The RJF connector accessories do not list O rings as an option.
I believe you might be looking for something like:
RJF54402JE or JE19

Below is a link of all RJF accessories we carry.

Hope that helps.

The o-ring I am looking for can be seen in the attached (exploded) photo of the Amphenol RJF 6M B 20 44 connector:

It holds the two piece assembly shown here:


No where can I find a reference to this item and I have tried measuring and ordering samples with no success.

We have part RJF6MB in stock currently but unfortunately its O ring seal is not sold as a separate entity. There also seems to be no documentation within the data sheet on the size of the o ring specifically.

We have O rings available for purchase in the link below.

Unfortunately there are no options from Amphenol but there is an O ring size chart from Boyd in the link below that may help.
o ring chart creative 2.0 (

OK, thank you. I was hoping you would have a resource at Amphenol that may help identify the proper size. I will continue this search through other avenues.