Help Id 6 pin circular connector half male half female

New here, but longtime non-professional electronics person.

What I have here, I am not sure what a good description is to search for.
The many connectors and things available via Digi-Key website have been wonderful to scroll through but somewhat frustrating trying to narrow my search. Wondering if I could tap into someone else’s knowledge base and get some hints?

6 Pin Circular connector
Green has an “P” the metal (black) side has n “E”
The plug handles 12V, 7amp. Only 2 pins handle power and one of them is
It is a twist off plug/locking style connector, he green sleeve locks into the metal circular connector, thus each end pictured plugs into the other.
The ‘blackened’ pins shown are my marker, somewhere in the connecting cable a wire has broken, showing infinite resistance.

Both sides, green (bottom) fits around metal (top) with measurement (black marks show shorted pins)

Green with measurement (black marks show shorted pins)

Both connectors alone (black marks show shorted pins)

Hopefully, I can get a lead or a hint as to what this connector style is called and find something similar. My employer then can make our own cables, but I have to provide the materials.
Thanks for help,
Matt Carr

I do not find searching on our site on this part, any other markings ? We need to id series or manufacture.

The only other markings on the cable are numbers, and good point- my omission of these was a mistake of my part!
0119 099781

Other than the numbers listed above, there are no other identifying manufacturer markings or labels listed on either connector ends.

Matt Carr

reminds me ofAHD series AHD Series Connectors | Amphenol Heavy Duty Connectors

I am thinking it is a custom part.

I am going to find help on this. and get back to you here

I agree on amphenol connectors similarities, and I did search the manufacturer via the Digi-Key online catalog.
The link you (Robert_1552) provided to the manufacturer website (AHD Series Connectors | Amphenol Heavy Duty Connectors) I just finished going through- very close, but its that darn male/female in the 6 pin that seems to be my snag I am getting caught on.

Matt Carr

yes that is why I thinking custom part.

I found some more, it is an IP 44 connector, and our mechanic pulled the fitting off our unit.

The connector I have pictured here is the same as the green from my first post, but this side comes off the power converter unit, converting 100-200v AC to 12v 7amp. Maybe this has more to go on?
The only identifying marks on this part seems to be on the line noise filter:

This is both connectors- colors black and green, but are the same ‘gender’

Side view of the black sleeve that came from the power converter

Back side showing the wires coming from the back of this connector

I am not sure if that helps or gives any more of a clue. I am thinking if I, we, someone, can find one, I can then reference similar items by the manufacturer and find something that could work!
Thanks again,
Matt Carr

Update, or a bump to the top of the forum. Via OEM manufacturer, the parts have been on backorder for almost 3 months now and I have been given no eta on when I could expect them.

Assume this is a custom part, it then should be assume to be prohibitively difficult to locate the manufacturer and get parts?

Thanks for helping out

Hi Matt: You’re right, the part can only be purchased from the OEM. Unless you’d be able to change both connectors on your cables/equipment you’re kind of stuck and custom is the only way you’d be able to go. So you’re stuck with their lead time. Here is a link to Amphenol free hanging circular connectors and cable assemblies in case you decide to make a change. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful for you!

All good, as long as we come up with the same thing, at least I am not going in the wrong direction!

Going for broke, I decided to tear into one of the broken cables and thought I would post the pix in case anyone else wants to see what is inside too. I found a symbol >PA< on the inside hidden under the formed plastic that I cut away.

The pic that shows >PA< you can see the broken wire that started all this.

Thanks for all the help,