Identifying Circular Connector


I need help identifying a part or a tool to do the job. I believe I have a MIL Connector. Its use if for a vacuum chamber and need to remove two sockets so I can reattach the wires. The connector does not have any part number on it so I cannot tell what would be the proper way and tool to use to remove the sockets. From comparison it appears to be some kind of MIL connector I just cannot tell exactly and do not want to purchase an incorrect part or tool. I have a attached multiple images of the connector hoping that you can identify the part or recommend me to someone who could.

It is a 41 pin insert with 20 gauge socket inserts

I appreciate any help you can provide! If you could only recommend a tool that would also be great!

Thank You


Hello austenthomas,

Is there any markings on the back side of the connector where the letters are such as 20-41 or any other numbers like that? If you click on the picture that shows the letters on our page, you will see the marking that I am referencing.

It looks similar to our part PT06A-20-41S(SR)-ND

I shall give it a closer inspection the wires may have been covering it up. I will let you know thank you