Pin, removal and insertion tools for 2M801-007-16NF7-25PA

Hi - For Amphenol circular connector type 2M801-007-16NF7-25PA Digikey lists the part,
but does not cross-reference:

  • pins for use in this connector
  • pin insertion and removal tools

I need to purchase the tools, can you help identify the needed tools?

Best Regards, Dave


Plug, Male Pins
5 contacts 20HD size contact

7-25, 9-25
(5) #20HD Contacts

Female mates

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cross options

contact locator 2M809-206-ND
crimper 952-1238-ND

contact options

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Thanks Robert! Is there a plastic pin insertion/removal tool for the #20HD male pins in this connector?
I think I found it: 2M809-088 ??


is what I found in the catalog