Amphenol Sine/Tuchel C091B series

I am trying to correctly identify the Amphenol (Sine / Tuchel) circular DIN connector series, C091 B
frequently used for soldering irons (handpieces) by Weller and Pace - as well as microphones for some EU radio.
Those manufacturers used the 3, 5, and 6 pin versions, bayonet locking (inside on plug; external on socket/panel)
Trying to identify the correct numbers, this is my “best guess”

C091 B series (3-pin: T 3274 501 ; 5-pin: T 3374 501 ; 6-pin: T 3424 501)
M16 Male Straight Cable Connector with Internal Strain Relief and Plastic Locking Ring.
3 CONTACTS, Silver Plated, 4-6 mm cable diameter. Contacts Included.

PHOTO BELOW is Weller part number **T0058703862 (3-pin plug kit)
that has the individual parts for assembly. I appears to be Amphenol Tuchel C091 B (All Plastic).
This is used on European version of “TCP” series (W50, W51 solder stations).


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I searched our system for the C091B series connectors, for 3-pin, 5-pin and 6-pin.
Click here for the items I found.
I hope these would work for you.