AOSP for wandboard dual

i) Can I follow the instructions mentioned in the Building Android section of

and use the device files downloaded from

with current master branch from AOSP

to build Android?
If you were not sure about this, please tell up to which android branch from AOSP it was working and tested?

ii) Can I use the latest kernels available in

after patches applied, which was provided from the above source

and Uboot available got from

git clone -b v2019.04 --depth=1

and patches applied from

along with AOSP current master branch with toolchain in prebuilts/linux-x86/arm folder?
If this was not sure please tell up to which android branch from AOSP the above sources was working and tested?

Please reply.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @ayyappanmuthu have you bugged the author of that page?

It looks like he used 3.16.x version of kernel branch…

PS, at this point, everything for the WandBoard is mainline, just use a mainline kernel for Android…



I have downloaded the Linux version 5.4 and applied the patches given in the below source for wandboard dual.

Can I use the same source code for Android with just modifying recommended kernel configuration as mentioned below?

Android 11 is supported by Linux kernel version 5.4 as per Android sources. But I dont know how to add wandboard specific changes to the linux kernel downloaded from Android sources.

I believe I can migrate Android framework from the another Android 6.0.1 source as a reference got from another author.

Also can I use the Uboot source downloaded from the below source for the same Android.

Please help me in this learning activity.


HI @ayyappanmuthu it’s been a few years since i worked on any Android build. What are your goals/spec for this project on the WandBoard? What specific hardware on the Wandboard do you need to be operational with Android?

Screen: LCD or HDMI
Input: Mouse or TouchScreen
Network: WiFI or Ethernet

Android Apps? etc?

PS, there is one “mainline” target in ASOP: AOSP/Boards/BeagleboardX15 - Linaro Wiki we could use that to “re-create” an WandBoard target…


Hi Robert,

I want to practice in Android to use HDMI touch display,USB(both Host and OTG),Gigabit LAN,Serial port, Wifi, bluetooth and Audio.
Please guide me to make work at-least up to serial port from the start of the list.

Android Apps I shall try to configure and cook that, provided in AOSP.
I find difficult to configure or modify architecture and board specific items needed for wandboard in kernel and Uboot.


Which specific display are you looking at?

We have that working in Debian Today…

If you want Android Apps on top of that, take a look at: to Run Android apps on Debian.


Hi Robert,

I am having ADAFRUIT 5" 800 x 480 touch display.

I want to learn Embedded Android by customising Android OS Framework and not the Android Apps. So I dont want to run apps on Debian.

For HAL in Android I shall try to migrate from the AOSP 6.0.1 source got from

[type or paste code here](

So can you please guide to adapt kernel and Uboot to host any recent version of Android OS for my learning.


Adafruit has a few different 800x480 touch display, what specific model do you have?

Edit, while waiting today for further details, I’ve been testing head AOSP, since they fully support the Beagle X15, which i have.

mkdir android
cd android
repo init -u -b master
repo sync
. ./build/
lunch beagle_x15-userdebug
make -j4

Just finished building, i bet we can convert that to a WandBoard…

Edit 2: working on getting:


Hi Robert,

My AdaFruit has AR1100 Touch controller, pwm-able backlight.
And in the package it is mentioned “C3975-001” and “P2260B” below the barcode.

Please update me after working with the details I have given and
also let me know when any other info is needed.


Hi Robert,

Gentle Reminder!!

When may I expect linux kernel 5.4 and Uboot patches for my Wandboard Dual and AdaFruit display, to run recent Android.
Please reply.

Hi @ayyappanmuthu it’s really sad, and the forums no longer exist. I can’t seem to find the archive versions of Android on Wandboard anymore…

Please feel free to contact to about building you a custom Android build for your device.

Or feel free to use any of the Linux on WandBoard guides out there.

If you really want to use Android ASOP on a development board, you should look into switch to a different manufacture that this point. For the Wandboard, getting Android running would be a project starting from scratch…


thanks for confirming.

Hi Robert,

I have ANTENNA KIT for wifi/bluetooth containing U.FL TO SMA PATCH CABLE (4.5 DB, 2.4/5 GHZ) which was bought for this Wand board dual.
And also the touch display from Adafruit as mentioned above post.

If I buy Vim3 board manufactured by Khadas,

Can I make it work with both the display and Antenna Kit I have now? Please explain the compatibility issues and how to use combined with vim3 pro board.
Also can I get Uboot, Linux kernel and AOSP support ?

Please reply.

Android from Khadas for the VIM3 can be found here:

There is a thread on their forum: VIM3 - Khadas Community talking about building “Building Android Pie for VIM3”


Hi Robert,

I have a general doubt regarding the master branch.

I am seeing in the mailing lists the problems reported by AOSP users for the recent Android 12 release.
Will those issues be injected into the master branch?
Ideally master branch will be the production code safe from errors.

But as Android 12 was released, does it mean Android 12 released code will be merged into master branch and if so the problems also got injected?

Please reply.


Hi @ayyappanmuthu ,

This is a question that should be directed at the authors/maintainers of AOSP, not in a general software forum.

As a fellow software developer, we don’t have control of the AOSP release process, as we are outsiders of their project.

Here is AOSP’s patch process: Security Updates and Resources  |  Android Open Source Project


Thanks Robert…