APEM 4000 Series Joystick Part Numbering

The part numbers for the 4000 Series of Joysticks from APEM can be broken down using the following part numbering guide.

One modifier that is not listed is 475. This is actualling an APEM callout stating that this part is made exclusively for Digi-Key.


Applicable Part Numbers

679-1408-ND 1040-1131-ND 1040-1132-ND 679-1409-ND 679-1410-ND 4R182S1E3200-ND 4R192S1E3200-ND 4P182F1C5500-ND 4R112S1E3500-ND 4P282S1C0500-ND 4P182F1D0100-ND 4R292S1E3200-ND 4P112S1E01113-ND 1040-1130-ND 4P382H1Y0100-ND 4R382S1Y5500-ND

4R182S1E5500 4P182F1E55475 4P282F1E55475 4R252S1E5500 4R252S1N5500 4R182S1E3200 4R192S1E3200 4P182F1C5500 4R112S1E3500 4P282S1C0500 4P182F1D0100 4R292S1E3200 4P112S1E01113 4R282H1E55475 4P382H1Y0100 4R382S1Y5500