Part Numbering-Nidec Copal Electronics-"M" Series Potentiometers

When selecting a potentiometer from Nidec’s - “M” series you will see combinations of several suffixes. For example let’s take a look at Nidec part number M-22E10-050 10K. The 22E10-050 is the series name and the 10K is the resistance value as shown in the following diagram.

The series name designates the number of turns:

For specifications and dimensions please refer to the datasheet.

Applicable Part Numbers
Digi-Key Part Number
563-2114-ND 563-2125-ND M-22E10-050100K-ND
563-2127-ND 563-2120-ND M-22S1050K-ND
563-2117-ND 563-2121-ND M-22S10500-ND
563-2124-ND 563-2128-ND M-22S10200-ND
563-2122-ND 563-2115-ND M-22S10100-ND
563-2118-ND 563-2034-ND M-1303500-ND
563-2130-ND M-22E10-050100-ND M-13032K-ND
563-2129-ND M-22E10-050200-ND M-130320K-ND
563-2116-ND M-22E10-050500-ND M-1303200-ND
563-2032-ND M-22E10-05020K-ND M-13031K-ND
563-2036-ND M-22E10-05050K-ND M-1303100-ND
563-2035-ND M-22E1050K-ND M-1305500-ND
563-2033-ND M-22E10500-ND M-130520K-ND
563-2119-ND M-22E1020K-ND M-1305200-ND
563-2123-ND M-22E10200-ND M-13051K-ND
563-2126-ND M-22E10100-ND M-1305100-ND
Manufacturer Part Number
M-1303 10K M-22E10 5K M-22E10-050 100K
M-22S10 1K M-22E10-050 2K M-22S10 50K
M-13055K M-22E10-050 5K M-22S10 500
M-22E10 2K M-22S10 20K M-22S10 200
M-22E10 10K M-13035K M-22S10 100
M-22E10-050 10K M22L10-000-502 M-1303 500
M-22S10 5K M-22E10-050 100 M-1303 2K
M-22S10 2K M-22E10-050 200 M-1303 20K
M-1305 10K M-22E10-050 500 M-1303 200
M22L10-000-102 M-22E10-050 20K M-1303 1K
M22L10-100-203 M-22E10-050 50K M-1303 100
M22L10-100-103 M-22E10 50K M-1305 500
M22L10-000-202 M-22E10 500 M-1305 20K
M-22E10-050 1K M-22E10 20K M-1305 200
M-22E10 1K M-22E10 200 M-1305 1K
M-22S10 10K M-22E10 100 M-1305 100