API Delevan 1210 and 1210R Series Part Numbering & Marking

The Part Numbering breakdown for the API Delevan Fixed Inductor Series 1210 and 1210R is listed below. For the example I will use part number 1210R-102J

1210 - Base Series Number
1210R - ROHS Series Number
-102 - Dash Number - Used in conjunction with Data sheet to identify value.
J - Tolerance 5% (H=3%, G=2%, F=1%)

Markings for 1210 & 1210R series.
1st Line - SMD
2nd Line - Dash Number and Tolerance
3rd Line - R if ROHS and Date Code (YYWWL) Date code only if non-ROHS

Here is an example of the part marking for 1210-018M

1210 Series Part Numbers

1210-101K 1210-103J 1210-018J 1210-018K 1210-022J 1210-022K 1210-027J 1210-027K 1210-033J 1210-033K 1210-039J 1210-039K 1210-047J 1210-047K 1210-056J 1210-056K 1210-068J 1210-068K 1210-082J 1210-082K 1210-100K 1210-120K 1210-150K 1210-180K 1210-220K 1210-270K 1210-330K 1210-390K 1210-470K 1210-560K 1210-680K 1210-820K 1210-121K 1210-151K 1210-181K 1210-221K 1210-271K 1210-331K 1210-391K 1210-471K 1210-561K 1210-681K 1210-821K 1210-100J 1210-101J 1210-120J 1210-121J 1210-150J 1210-151J 1210-180J 1210-181J 1210-220J 1210-221J 1210-270J 1210-271J 1210-330J 1210-331J 1210-390J 1210-391J 1210-470J 1210-471J 1210-560J 1210-561J 1210-680J 1210-681J 1210-820J 1210-821J 1210-018M 1210-022M 1210-027M 1210-033M 1210-047M 1210-056M 1210-068M 1210-082M 1210-039M 1210-102K 1210-122K 1210-152K 1210-182K 1210-222K 1210-272K 1210-332K 1210-392K 1210-472K 1210-562K 1210-682K 1210-822K 1210-103K 1210-123K 1210-153K 1210-183K 1210-223K 1210-102J 1210-122J 1210-152J 1210-182J 1210-222J 1210-272J 1210-332J 1210-392J 1210-472J 1210-562J 1210-682J 1210-822J 1210-123J 1210-153J 1210-183J 1210-223J 1210-273J 1210-333J 1210-393J 1210-473J 1210-563J 1210-683J 1210-823J 1210-104J 1210-102H 1210-103H 1210-104H 1210-122H 1210-123H 1210-152H 1210-153H 1210-182H 1210-183H 1210-222H 1210-223H 1210-272H 1210-273H 1210-332H 1210-333H 1210-392H 1210-393H 1210-472H 1210-473H 1210-562H 1210-563H 1210-682H 1210-683H 1210-822H 1210-823H 1210-101H 1210-121H 1210-151H 1210-181H 1210-221H 1210-271H 1210-331H 1210-391H 1210-471H 1210-561H 1210-681H 1210-821H 1210-102G 1210-103G 1210-104G 1210-122G 1210-123G 1210-152G 1210-153G 1210-182G 1210-183G 1210-222G 1210-223G 1210-272G 1210-273G 1210-332G 1210-333G 1210-392G 1210-393G 1210-472G 1210-473G 1210-562G 1210-563G 1210-682G 1210-683G 1210-822G 1210-823G 1210-101G 1210-121G 1210-151G 1210-181G 1210-221G 1210-271G 1210-331G 1210-104F 1210-122F 1210-123F 1210-152F 1210-153F 1210-182F 1210-183F 1210-222F 1210-223F 1210-272F 1210-273F 1210-332F 1210-333F 1210-392F 1210-393F 1210-472F 1210-473F 1210-562F 1210-563F 1210-682F 1210-683F 1210-822F 1210-823F 1210-101F 1210-121F 1210-151F 1210-181F 1210-221F 1210-271F 1210-331F 1210-391F 1210-471F 1210-561F 1210-681F 1210-821F

1210R Series Part Numbers

1210R-682J 1210R-103J 1210R-102J 1210R-104J 1210R-221K 1210R-821K 1210R-333J 1210R-332J 1210R-563J 1210R-680K 1210R-152J 1210R-272J 1210R-182J 1210R-122J 1210R-153J 1210R-470K 1210R-222J 1210R-223J 1210R-220K 1210R-561K 1210R-392J 1210R-101K 1210R-151K 1210R-100K 1210R-471K 1210R-271K 1210R-393J 1210R-562J 1210R-183J 1210R-473J 1210R-822J 1210R-683J 1210R-273J 1210R-330K 1210R-018J 1210R-018K 1210R-018M 1210R-022J 1210R-022K 1210R-022M 1210R-027J 1210R-027K 1210R-027M 1210R-033J 1210R-033K 1210R-033M 1210R-039J 1210R-039K 1210R-039M 1210R-047J 1210R-047K 1210R-047M 1210R-056J 1210R-056K 1210R-056M 1210R-068J 1210R-068K 1210R-068M 1210R-082J 1210R-082K 1210R-082M 1210R-120K 1210R-180K 1210R-181K 1210R-270K 1210R-331K 1210R-390K 1210R-560K 1210R-121K 1210R-150K 1210R-391K 1210R-681K 1210R-820K 1210R-103K 1210R-104K 1210R-122K 1210R-123K 1210R-152K 1210R-153K 1210R-182K 1210R-183K 1210R-222K 1210R-223K 1210R-272K 1210R-273K 1210R-120J 1210R-121J 1210R-150J 1210R-151J 1210R-180J 1210R-181J 1210R-220J 1210R-221J 1210R-270J 1210R-271J 1210R-330J 1210R-331J 1210R-390J 1210R-391J 1210R-470J 1210R-471J 1210R-560J 1210R-561J 1210R-680J 1210R-681J 1210R-820J 1210R-821J 1210R-123J 1210R-823J 1210R-472J 1210R-102H 1210R-103H 1210R-104H 1210R-122H 1210R-123H 1210R-152H 1210R-153H 1210R-182H 1210R-183H 1210R-222H 1210R-223H 1210R-272H 1210R-273H 1210R-332H 1210R-333H 1210R-392H 1210R-393H 1210R-472H 1210R-473H 1210R-562H 1210R-563H 1210R-682H 1210R-683H 1210R-822H 1210R-823H 1210R-101H 1210R-121H 1210R-151H 1210R-181H 1210R-221H 1210R-271H 1210R-331H 1210R-391H 1210R-471H 1210R-561H 1210R-681H 1210R-821H 1210R-102G 1210R-103G 1210R-104G 1210R-122G 1210R-123G 1210R-152G 1210R-153G 1210R-182G 1210R-183G 1210R-222G 1210R-223G 1210R-272G 1210R-273G 1210R-332G 1210R-333G 1210R-392G 1210R-393G 1210R-472G 1210R-473G 1210R-562G 1210R-563G 1210R-682G 1210R-683G 1210R-103F 1210R-104F 1210R-122F 1210R-123F 1210R-152F 1210R-153F 1210R-182F 1210R-183F 1210R-222F 1210R-223F 1210R-272F 1210R-273F 1210R-332F 1210R-333F 1210R-392F 1210R-393F 1210R-472F 1210R-473F 1210R-562F 1210R-563F 1210R-682F 1210R-683F 1210R-822F 1210R-823F 1210R-101F 1210R-121F 1210R-151F 1210R-181F 1210R-221F 1210R-271F 1210R-331F 1210R-391F 1210R-471F 1210R-561F 1210R-681F 1210R-821F