Application example for nPM1100 with nRF5x from Nordic-Semiconductor

Application example for nPM1100 with nRF5x from Nordic-Semi

The following application example uses NPM1100 and an nRF5x wireless System on Chip (SoC).

Any nRF52 or nRF5340 series device with USB can be configured in the same way as with this application example.

The example application is for a design with the following configuration and features:

NPM1100 BUCK regulator supplies the nRF5x device

• USB current limit negotiation

• Charging status monitoring using SoC GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Outputs)

• ICHG (Charge current limit) and VTERM (Termination Voltage) configuration

• NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor in the battery pack

• Ship mode

• Battery monitoring circuit and low battery indication LED


Here’s the link to their product landing page:

nPM1100 Power Management IC - Nordic | DigiKey


A new version of the existing evaluation kit, nPM1100 EK, the nPM1100 EKHV, will be available end of Q1’2023, for evaluating the HIGHer TERMination Voltage.

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