Arduino Shields


Let’s talk about shields and more specifically shields developed around the Arduino Uno platform.

The Arduino Uno is a development board used by students, hobbyists and professionals to help bring coding to life. The Uno has rows of female receptacles to allow you to plug in wires as a temporary solution to hook up various components (such as LEDs, motors, sensors, buttons, etc etc).
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A shield is a circuit board that fits on top of the Arduino platform. Shields can have a specific purpose such as connectivity, driving motors, or a touchscreen; or they can be used to help ‘clean up’ projects and eliminate the need for a separate breadboard.

So let’s highlight some of the really cool shields that we have:

See more Arduino shields on the Digi-Key site Here.

Shield Accessories:
Some shields - but not all of them - will come with regular male pin headers to allow you to plug into the Arduino. I recommend picking up a set of Stacking connectors (such as 1568-1413-ND or 1528-1074-ND)

Q: Do I have to use an Arduino Shield with an Arduino?
A: No! Arduino shields are widely used in the industry and have become a standard form factor. Take for example the microcontroller dev board STMicro Nucleo (497-14361-ND) which features the same set of rows used on the Uno.

More Info:
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