Are Molex Tools Shipped with a Calibration Certificate?

Some Molex tools are shipped with a calibration sheet and others are not.

  • Molex hand tools for closed barrel products are shipped with a calibration certificate/sheet at the end of the ATS (application tooling specification) otherwise known as the datasheet.
  • Molex hand tools for open barrel products are not shipped with any calibration certificate/sheet
  • Calibration certificates/sheets are a function of a UL requirement which closed barrel or industrial terminals fall under
  • Open barrel or commercial terminals do not fall under the UL standard
  • The calibration certificate/sheet has little meaning as it is a snap shot in time and it is proper quality procedure to check each tool prior to production, during production, and at the end of production by the operator
  • Dropping the tool or unknown misuse can cause a tool not to work or “lose” its calibration so a sheet shipped with a tool that could have been packaged 6 months ago is ONLY stating that when it left the manufacturer (Molex) it was in proper working condition. The user or customer must verify when they receive and throughout the tools daily use.
  • The operator uses the critical specifications listed in the ATS for the specific part number of the tool being used
    • Closed barrel use go / no go specification with the listed pull force specification in the ATS
    • Open barrel uses crimp height specification with the listed pull force specification in the ATS

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