Are these normal voltage spikes for this power supply (1V+ on a 9V supply)?

------Question for WR9HD2000LCP-F(R6B) Please Put your question below------

This seems like it can’t be normal expected output. These 60 Hz spikes persist when loaded, and when the negative lead is grounded:

For comparison, here is some random cheap 9V supply I found in my garage, same scale:


An output waveform like that would seem noncompliant with the 300mV ripple spec given for the part. If it’s responding to peaks of the input waveform as seems, “ripple” probably isn’t even the appropriate term so much as faulty regulation.

Assuming that the test setup was the same for both, I’d look at getting a replacement.

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A GlobTek application engineer will review and reply on the forum within a few hours, please hang on! thanks!

I’m with the Globtek team and the same topic was inquired on our website to which I responded to and looking forward to getting more details. The spike looks like low frequency ripple but if you’re saying it’s a fluctuating DC voltage during it’s normal operating condition, something must have gone wrong during shipping that could have damaged parts internally. I have to ask, is the unit able to sustain the 2A max load, show the waveform for comparison as well. Or to properly address my suspicion, I suggest to send this unit back to us and will conduct failure analysis.