Crouzet IPS12-240W power supply low output until jump started

A new Crouzet IPS12-240W power supply has a minimal, pulsing output under load.

  • “DC ON” light is OFF when loaded. The device (fan) rotates slowly. Speed pulses at about 1hz.
  • When unloaded, “DC ON” light is ON and 12vdc present.
  • Output is correct (12v @ ~9A and fan runs normally) after attaching another supply in parallel momentarily (“jump start”).
    Supply to the PS is 220vac.

Any thoughts?

Welcome to the technical forum. I will see if anyone can help on this.

what is the part number?


It sounds like the start-up current of your load is too high and the power supply is going into overcurrent protection mode.

The 89452241 (IPS12-216W) switches to “hiccup” mode when it experiences an overcurrent condition, which means it shuts off the output and then turns it back on and repeats this continuously until the overcurrent condition goes away. It is rated for 18A continuous, but it will go into hiccup mode at 110% above this, which is about 19.8A.

From the datasheet:

Unfortunately, in your case, the fan never gets spun up sufficiently to get past the high inrush current phase. Adding the second supply provides the extra current needed to get past the start-up inrush current phase of the fan.

Thanks for the quick and thorough reply.