Hi. I did purchase a CROUZET RELAY TIME DELAY 100HRS DIN RL, MAS5, Manufacturer Product Number 88827014 (966-1787-ND). It is connected on 120Vac, driving an AC LED PNL MNT 125/250V GREEN, Manufacturer Bulgin, Product Number LE67C5G (1091-1126-ND). I have 2 issues since the Timer is not working and it looks like the leakage current is lightly lighting the LED. Is the issue could be the Minimum breaking current that is not reached? Any suggestions to solve this? Many thanks!

Checking on this one. Will let you know when I have an answer for you.


If the indicator mentioned is the only load connected, it is quite likely that the minimum switched current specified for the relay is not being reached, and this could cause the sort of problems described.

Try connecting an additional load to ensure that the minimum load current specification is met.

The relay is guaranteed to leak less than 5mA when off. Stated differently, it may allow nearly up to 5mA through it when off, so yes, this may well be enough to illuminate your LED to some degree.

From datasheet for the Crouzet 88827014:


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Yep, this is what I figured. My real concern is: Nny suggestions to solve this? Thanks,

Yep. Wondering the resistance/wattage value to add in parallele, and maybe also required in series with the LED.

Per ohm’s law, a 12K resistance across a 120V source results in 10mA of current flow. One of these would be a good place to start. Physically smaller devices will get hotter than larger ones of the same resistance value.

No series resistance for the indicator; that’s built-in.