Time delay relays with a knob, mechanical delay setting

I need help regarding time delay switches. I need the data sheet and installation instructions for a switch or relay which turns on or off after a time delay set or selected by the designer.

I would prefer that the time delay be mechanical so that this function is not eliminated or turned off when the power to the switch goes off.

Note: I am looking for time delay relays within the ~ $10 price range. The relay or switch that I am looking for only needs to carry 5 Amps or less, at less than 24 volts.

Hi gwrenken,

We do not carry anything in that price range. Though you have not mentioned the time range you need, the 600XU-A-1-CU-ROHS seems to be the lowest cost part to meet most of your specified requirements. It has a time range of 0.1 second to 3 hours. Unfortunately, it requires a screw driver to configure rather than a knob.

These relays were more along the lines of what I was looking for. See attached.

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Time delay relays.docx (631 KB)

so parts like 2066- or https://www.digikey.com/en/products/filter/time-delay-relays/952?s=N4IgjCBcoGwJxVAYygMwIYBsDOBTANCAPZQDaIAzBXAAxgAsIAuoQA4AuUIAyuwE4BLAHYBzEAF9CYCjUQgUkDDgLEyIejQCsceMzadIPfsLGSQMGAA45CpXkIlI5CgHZ6MF7JYgOXXoNEJKThLBGh5NCx7VScQLzMAWgAmGyh%2BAFcVR3JNZnF8oA

Robert: That’s the idea, but at `

Robert: That’s the idea but at one tenth the price.


I am sorry to say that I am not seeing devices like these in that cost range either.

Hi gwrenken,

The difference is who is making those, and whether they are coming from a legitimate source (are they franchised, which guarantees genuine product). I see one marked as an “H3Y” which happens to be a series name used by a well-respected manufacturer, Omron.

Those parts, sold in high quantities go for more than $100. If priced at $10.90, they are HIGHLY likely to be either shoddy knock-offs, counterfeit, grey market, or well-used. If this is for personal hobby projects, then by all means, give them a go. However, if you need to know they are going to work reliably, I would think carefully about whether I would go that route.

Here are some options that are closer in style to the ones you referenced. I Still cannot get you to the price point you want, but I agree with David about quality and possibility of counterfeit parts.