Power Pulse


I need some expert advice. I’m currently working on a project with a 12v 7day 24hour timer and a mechanical 12v latch. I need the timer to trip the latch. The problem is once the timer trips it is in the on state for a minimum of 60 seconds. This will burn the latch. I need it to be on no longer than 3 seconds. Does anybody have any ideas what I can put between the two for this result?


I think what you need would be a one shot relay with a time delay function that could trip your latch. Maybe something like F10686-ND That way even with the long input signal you can still have the latch only receive power for a programmed (3 Sec) amount of time.

Here is a post that explains how they function.


Thanks Robert I came to the same solution.


If you are talking 12VDC then a sizeable Electrolytic capacitor will let a pulse through