Timing relay configuration

I have just acquire a 600XU-A-1 timing relay, i wish to use the trigger function for a delay make/break solution. From looking at the schematic of the relay, it appears that the trigger function needs to be a high-going input, My current circuit that will drive this trigger input only has a low-going signal to drive the trigger line. Is there a way to configure this relay to allow that or is there a different product that would satisfy my needs?

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The documentation for the product appears to anticipate a contact-closure interface:

It’s not obvious to me what kind of signal would be needed or appropriate if one were to attempt to control the device through an electrical signal directly; my suggestion would be to find an auxiliary relay suitable for use with your intended control signal, and use its output as the interface to the timing relay as shown.

At the moment that is what i needed to do to get the correct polarity of signal to trigger the relay the way i would like. is there any other type or part number of timing relay that can take a low-going trigger signal, so that i don’t need two separate components to handle this task?


To verify low-going in this case being that the trigger you are wanting to use would be going from High(closed) to low(open)?
If so I would think you would be able to adjust the programming of this device to actuate when you want.
If you remove the closed trigger you should be able to have it delay it turning off/actuating.

What are you wanting these to do when you remove the trigger?

Good morning, I would describe the trigger input that I can provide slightly differently as it is an open collector, or normally pulled high, then when my internal circuit activates the collector is pulled low. So far I have not found any of your timing relays that respond to this type of low -going trigger input. As I mentioned in the first thread, I have confirmed by installing a DIN mounted relay between my circuit and the timing relay, that my open collector can activate the DIN relay and I route a high (24VDC) signal through the normally open contacts which will then trigger the timing relay, there is both a cost and a space issue that I have and a trying to see if this can be accomplished with a single component.

Hi glen.kathler,

To help narrow the field of potential alternatives to your current timer, what voltage do you have for supplying power to the timer unit, and what device are you using to trigger the timer? We need to determine the maximum voltage your open collector transistor can handle.

As an example, looking at the schematic for the 600XU-A-1, it can be powered by up to 240VAC and the dry contact trigger device would have to tolerate that voltage if applied. If we find another timer device, the open collector of your trigger control device would likely need to be able to handle the voltage which powers the timer.

It would also help to know your actual timing intervals so we know which timers would qualify.

The open collector is a relatively high current device capable of driving 1 amp at least. Which should be considerable more than a trigger line on a timing relay should require. My entire circuit runs on 24VDC. So the relay will be constantly powered by 24V and the dry contacts will switch 24 V.

I’m not so much worried about the current of the open collector transistor, but rather the voltage it can handle. In this case, I presume it would need to handle 24Vdc. Is it rated for 24Vdc?

When it is off, it will see the full 24 volts.

According to the specifications my open collector can sink 3A.

It is rated for 50VDC

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Do you need an SPDT output (both normally closed and normally open contacts) like the 600XU-A-1 or can you use just an SPST output?

I require the SPDT contacts

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Hi glen.kathler,

So far, I have not confirmed that we have a timer which will meet all of your requirements, though there are a few possibilities I am still checking on. I can say that we do not have any timer which can do it for anywhere near the price of the 600XU-A-1-CU-ROHS.

With that in mind, the most cost-effective option still seems to be using an external relay, as Rick described. I understand that this will add some cost and space (though the cost will be less than any other solution we have). The 2476680000 is the lowest cost relay I came across and is 15.8mm wide. The 2903374 costs a bit more, but is only 6.2mm wide.