Stay on when reset timer

I am looking for a timer that can start when activated by a switch (say proximity or limit switches). if the timer runs out, it will send a signal to a relay that will cut off power from a circuit. If the switch is activated again, the timer will reset and power will stay on.

I appreciate any help.

Thank you


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After looking over your request the following solution comes to mind. Using a Off-Delay relay would accomplish what you would like. A signal would activate the relay, it would stay on as long as the signal was present. When the signal activating the coil is deactivated, the Delay portion of the circuit would keep the circuit going for the defined amount of time before deactivating.

If the circuit would be activated again before the delay finishes, it would simply disable the timer until the signal was deactivated again.

I was not able to narrow these results as I do not have any specifications regarding voltages and currents but this link will get you close.

Click here to see options

I hope this helps!

Hey Aaron,
Thank you for your reply.
What you suggested makes sense.
The power I am trying to cut off is 50 VDC at 6 amps. I would also prefer to power the timer with 12 or 24 VDC power source. I also want the timer to go anywhere from 10-20 minutes. Hope this helps narrowing down the results.


Those specifications absolutely help. Please take a look at the options in the link below.
Link to possible options

I could suggest a part like this one as well:

Finder Relays, Inc.


This relay is a SPDT which means you can place your circuit on pins 15/16 if you want it to run when the signal is off, or you can place your circuit on pins 18/15 if you want it to run when the signal is on.

I do hope this helps you and I do sincerely apologize in the delay in my response.