Low voltage on/off switch with timer function

Hello - I am looking for a low voltage 5V switch with a timer function. For example the switch settings could be

Off, 30 mins, 60 mins, 90 mins, On

Some variance of that would work. I’ve seen these swtiches on devices before, but trying to find one in the market. Does DigiKey offer this or anyone have any suggestions? Its going on a small device and cant use much power to operate.

Hello kurtjasin,

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We have programmable delay timer relays, that can be programmed for a set time. But we do not have a Rotary dial “turn to the time you want” timer switch, like a wall mounted switch.
I searched on Google for Rotary Timer Switch, and you can click on that, to see what I found.
Is that the type of switch you are looking for?

Thank you David. This has to be a small 5v switch. Something that you’d see on a child’s toy car. Thinking 1” by .5” switch in size to pass low voltage over a time period.

Hi kurtjasin ,

Unfortunately, these are not finished switch products. The timed switch products on the market typically use external circuitry aside from the switch to accomplish this - most commonly the round “epoxy coated black blobs” which are a custom-built circuit for a specific manufacturer and purpose, although some manufacturers may use either a micro-controller chip or a 555 based circuit.