Looking for a type of timer

I’m looking for a part to do a specific job. I want to make a light for my toddlers that will be like a “clock” for them. The “clock” will have two lights. One red and one green. One of the two LEDs will always be on, I just want to somehow divert the power back at forth at the same times every day.
For example, at 730 pm when it’s bedtime, I want the red LED to be on, green LED to be off. At 530 am when it’s ok to get up, I want the red LED to turn off and the green LED to turn on.
I know I could accomplish this by using two programmable outlet timers…one to operate each LED on opposite schedules, but is there a better way that is obtainable?

Hi Tschuh,
Thanks for visiting the Digikey tech forum. Are you looking to build a timer to accomplish this or a finished product? Looking thru our products I don’t see any options for a finished unit to offer. We would have parts if you are looking to make a timer of some sort but it would require a schematic of the circuit so we could search for the parts. If you have a schematic or idea you have seen and could share with us that would be great.

Hi @Tschuh, This is a neat idea! I like it.

Utilizing two mechanical outlet timers would probably be the cheapest way to create the toddler clock. This method would also require the least amount of engineering.

If you’re up for a project that requires a little more technical skill, you could take a look at an Arduino or Raspberry Pi Zero platform, integrating a timer into the code and controlling the two lights by means of a SPDT relay. You could incorporate a LED that contains both colors within the same housing if you want to cut down on size (for example, click here for red/green dual color LEDs) and you could integrate it into a small translucent 3D printed character to fit your toddler’s taste.

Another idea to go in between the two options mentioned above is to use a smart device such as an Alexa-enabled colored light bulb. (You’ll have to check into the capabilities if the light color can be adjusted according to different times, but I think this is a possibility). This also gives you the option if you want to allow later bed times or earlier rise times and change the programming on a whim. :slight_smile:


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