Creating light up, motion sensor doll eyes?


I want to make Halloween props from some old dolls. I need all the parts for battery operated, motion sensor, led eyes.

I’d like to place the battery holder outside the body at the back neck and run the cord to the motion sensor and lights inside the head. 2 Double a is ideal. I’d like 1 led light behind each eye to go off when slight motion is detected

Hi taztrue,

I created a cart pre-loaded for you. Feel free to add any other parts if you desire. Please verify if the parts will work for you before ordering. Basic electronics knowledge and tools would be required. As far as I can tell these should be ready to solder up and should work fine together as long as polarities are correct on the LEDs and other parts. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Click here for pre-loaded Digi-Key cart
-please let us know if you need any extra wires or tools

  • LEDs to be wired in parallel to motion board output

  • 3 quantity LED’s in case if one burns out during soldering or wiring

  • 2 different LED’s: One is solid and one blinks, depending what you prefer. The blinking one will blink as long as there is motion to your circuit, where the solid LED will just be solid-on for as long as there is motion.