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I am the Tech at Wonderland Family Fun Center, I need to know how to have a motion sensor activate a voice recordable play back component that will flash a led light in sync with spoken words.


Welcome to the TechForum. My first question back based on your job is if you are fixing something that does this or are you looking to build something from scratch. If you are building this do you have parts already in place to so some of the steps and are just looking for the motion signal.


Hi Robert, thanks for your response, I am building from scratch and I have the Led mounted in the eye but need to make it sync to spoken words from a motion sensor.

I have not yet heard back from you concerning the project that I am trying to design. I need to know what kind of components are needed to sync a motion sensor activated voice recorder to led light so it will blink along with the spoken words.

There are a couple ways that you can do this depending on the original design of the items you are currently working with. Depending on the output that is creating the sound you may be able to take a signal off of that and use it to control your LED. Depending on what is available for power you may be able to draw enough off this without disrupting your speaker though it is unlikely. The other options would be using a microcontroller to either monitor current on that same line and blink the LED or use a microphone to pick up the sound and blink the LED. The main issue with the microphone is depending on the attraction there could be a large number of sounds nearby that could also activate the microphone.

Thanks for your response, what type of microcontroller would be needed to pick up the voice signal from the recorder and output 12 volts dc? Is the signal driving the speaker in voice recordable motion sensors a 12 volt dc signal.The audio playback of a prerecorded sequence of words will be repeated each time the motion sensor is activated so a microphone would not work in this situation.