LED controllers

I’m very new to this stuff, so here goes. I have 12 different RGB led lights that I would like to have “move” with music. It’s like it needs a mic to hear the music and the lights react. I have no idea how to find one controller to power all 12 lights.


I am not sure if there will be 1 single item that would do what you want out of the box.
If the RBG item you end up using are low enough power you maybe able to run it off an item like an Arduino.
If they are high enough power you may need to put something like a mosfet or transistor between the Arduino and each LED so you can run the higher power to the LEDs and run the control signals to the mosfet or transistor.

Do you already have LEDs selected for your project?

I do have some rgb leds that came off of a Guitar Hero arcade machine that I’m trying to get to sync up to an Xbox 360.

Hi @tgreenspur ,

The best way might be through microphone sound instead of interfacing it though the console.

I am not an expert in this area but thought to share some projects:
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