Bill of material for RGBW lighting

what components are necessary for RGBW lighting using DMX controls

You will probably have to go into a little more detail on what it is you are trying to run or if you have a light in mind. If you have the controller it would be a matter of finding a DMX 4 channel driver. We really don’t have a lot here for DMX out side of a couple Evaluation boards. I know we have a couple employees who dabble in DJ and band works that have built and worked with DMX so if there are specific questions I can certainly try to get some answers for you.

operate XMLCTW-A0-0000-00C2AAAB1 LED modules

For the DMX portion you would need to find a 4 channel driver. The Light is 350mA so you would likely want something constant current. For the COD you choose you would likely need a Starboard, or we have some similar such as 1125-1176-ND however you may also need a heatsink and conductive pad.

If you are looking to create your own unique lighting options you may be able to use an Arduino and 1738-1246-ND, however you will still need a driver as the arduino cannot drive the 350mA needed for this LED.

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