Looking for Component for Copper Tape Circuit


I am working with an elementary school on a science project where each child in the school will be creating a pinball machine. The kids will be creating a parallel copper tape circuit using a 2 3v coin cell battery holder to power the circuit. One component on the circuit will be an LED. I am look for something else to add into the circuit that will be more interactive and fits in the pinball theme. So for example, if the kids hit an object on the playfield, it will trigger an action from another component. I have looked into buzzers but haven’t had luck finding one that will work without continuous sound. I thought about a small motor. Also, tried adding a tilt sensor but had no luck getting it to work. I would appreciate any ideas anyone may have of components that could be easily added. I am new to this and have no idea what i’m doing :slight_smile: Just trying to help the school out.


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key with your request.
Would you at all be interested in using a Small DC Fan to turn on with the circuit? Something like 259-1518-ND as a possible option. This will work on 3volts Are you using two 3volt coin cells for the circuit? If so, all that has to be done is add a resistor inline with it.
I hope this might help you out with another option.
Any other information you can provide can help in seeing what will work for you.