Need a relay

I have an issue with a switch system that we produce and would like to talk with an engineer to identify the best solution for problem. Could one call me on his cell phone?

Specifically we have a switch system which reacts to outside weather conditions and have experienced short cycles due to air drafts that are close to the target trigger temperature or humidity. We have damaged one fan motor and do not want to damage anymore through this short cycle process.

I’m thinking I need 110 V relay that will delay the activation if the current flow is not maintained for 15 minutes (an amount of time I was told it prevents short cycling of a motor).

What I am thinking will work: the 110 V activation current must be maintained for 15 minutes before it is forwarded to the magnetic coil on the motor starter. If it flutters, the 15 minute delay restarts. Does this make sense? Is this the right approach?

I would like to talk to someone, because communication goes faster and more efficiently and I learned more…

A time delay relay is an option. Below is a link to the parts we offer.

There’s a number of approaches a person might take in addressing such a problem.

  • A time delay relay of the sort mentioned
  • Adding a bit of hysteresis to the control system
  • Changing the physical layout of the system to slow down the sensor response
  • Sensing motor temperature and inhibiting operation past some acceptable limit
  • And probably a few more…

Naturally, one’s specific circumstances will make some options more appealing than others.