ARM Keil MDK Software Packs

ARM Keil’s MDK( Microcontroller Development Kit ) is the most comprehensive software development solution for ARM-based microcontrollers. It includes all the components that you need to create, build, and debug embedded applications.

There are four MDK Editions - Lite (Free to download), Essential, Plus and Professional.

License Type MDK Edition
Professional Plus Essential
Package, perpetual MDK-PRO MDK-PLUS MDK-ARM-ES
Download, perpetual MDK-PRO-LC MDK-PLUS-LC MDK-ARM-ES-LC
Package, 1 year limited MDK-PRO-T MDK-PLUS-T MDK-ARM-ES-T
Download, 1 year limited MDK-PRO-T-LC MDK-PLUS-T-LC MDK-ARM-ES-T-LC
FlexLM Floating
Package, perpetual MDKPR-KT-40000 MDKPL-KT-40000 MDKES-KT-40000
Download, perpetual MDKPR-KD-40000 MDKPL-KD-40000 MDKES-KD-40000
Package, 1 year limited MDKPR-KT-40001 MDKPL-KT-40001 MDKES-KT-40001
Download, 1 year limited MDKPR-KD-40001 MDKPL-KD-40001 MDKES-KD-40001

For the MDK Edition Comparison HERE.

All the purchased versions include a twelve-month support period offering updates and technical support. After twelve months, users will be able to continue to use the software as it exists, but you would need to extend the support and maintenance. This means in order to receive updates and support for the software, you will have to purchase an extension.

As an example, the extension version of MDK-ARM-ES-LC is MDK-ARM-ES-SM-LC.