Assmann suffix "R" callout

In some customers’ rfq’s, we still can find Assmann parts with suffix “R” like in the following examples:
A-MCSP-80100-R, AK672M/2-2-R, A-DFF 25LPIII/Z-UNC-R, etc.
So what does the suffix “R” stand for?

In the past, “R” suffix designated RoHS option.
Today all the parts are RoHS so the “R” option is omitted and not necessary to specify it
Actually, the parts with “R” suffix are obsolete and not valid p/n’s.
In some cases Digi-Key shows the parts with this “R” suffix in “other names” field under “Additional Resources” section in the bottom of the product page of the part.
For example, for the p/n A-MCSP-80100 (AE9965-ND)

It is still possible to find Assmann’s PCN’s related this issue for some of their parts but not for all

For example, the PCN’s for AWH connectors and for A-DFF/DSF series