Assortment kit for JST 1.0mm pitch

I know a few other places online have an assortment kit available for the JST style 1.0mm pitch housings and plugs that typically range between 2 and 10 pin connectors. All of those kits I’ve found however come with the wires pre-crimped on one end. I’d rather not be tied down to a 5-8” long wire that would need to be spliced. With there being so so many sku’s available on here, I cannot for the life of me figure out IF there is such an assortment kit available and if so, what should I be using as my search keyword. Thanks.

Welcome to the technical forum. Well I did not find anything for the 1mm connectors. I found two kits. One for 2mm and the 2.54mm.

Sorry it does not appear we sell any kit for the 1mm.