Please Help Find Crimpable JST Connector

Here is a link to the part, but with pigtails. I can’t find the connector by itself.

Here is the female version of what I need - 455-1165-ND.

The ones I have found are all meant to be Soldered to a board.


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Thank you for contacting Digi-Key Electronics. Well I sure can’t see this number in the PH series like they state on the picture. Though I did find this part number of 455-2730-ND that looks similar. The link is:

That is the closest I can find in our system. Though the mate is listed if you scroll down on the link. It is not the same as what you listed. Please review this one to see if you can use it.

Hello @PrismaticPhilo,

The connector isn’t listed anywhere on JST’s site. Adafruit sells the cable, and per their datasheet the connector is not a genuine JST connector, but it’s 100% compatible. I couldn’t find out who is manufacturing just the connector.

Thank you so much! I don’t think that one will work, but I appreciate the help. It makes sense that it’s a different manufacturer. I’m sure someone created that part out of necessity.

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