Help identifying a mini micro female plug on sensor

I have an ultrasonic distance sensor that has a female connector that I’m trying to find a male mate for. It has rails on each end and a wide retaining clip in the center.

A perfect match would be a male plug with a short pigtail to solder to my extension wires, but anything would be better than using breadboard pins!

Thanks in advance.

your part looks to be A101105-ND, is your pitch at 0.098" (2.50mm) ?

I don’t have a mic close by, but I’ll get that. I purchased these and they are too WIDE for my connector.

Yes, the pitch is 2.5mm

Hello: I didn’t find any information on the pitch of the connectors you have from JST, but I did find a similar connector from JST that does have the 2.5mm pitch. 455-2150-ND. We don’t have this connector on a cable assembly, however we do have pre-crimped contacts available for it. Just scroll to the bottom of that detail page and you will see the options for pre-crimped leads wires under the heading “Associated Products”. The TE connector that Robert offered, the A101105-ND we do not have on a cable assembly.

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear - I don’t need the female connector in the photo. I need the associated male connector.

I think this is the one I need - but it’s not available 455-4121-ND

Thanks in advance.

Hi lotekinc,

The mate to the part Robert found is the A101067-ND. It appears to be identical to the 455-4121-ND you mention, but it is in stock.


Unfortunately, it is designed to be board-mounted rather than cable mounted, though one could probably solder wires to it for a one-off situation.

One could also solder that connector to a little board like the PRT-12702 and then solder either wires, or another connector of your choosing to it as well to make a make-shift pluggable wire harness.