Female Daisy Chain Connectors

I’m looking for single pin female connectors that will fit onto 0.050" (1.27mm) male pins. It could be a single connector with a solder tail, or a daisy chain of 2 or more of these with a short 4-8" wire connecting them.

Have not been able to find something like this on your website. I do have a spool of these which fit onto 0.100" male pins - from 20-40 years ago! They work great for prototyping or connecting instruments to headers on PCB’s.


It’s not entirely clear to what physical measurement the lengths mentioned are referring; pitch, diameter, or otherwise.

Assuming you’re referencing contact pitch in context of the male pin headers which are quite ubiquitous in a 0.1" pitch format, similar products for a 0.050" pitch are rather less common in a free-hanging format; the majority appear designed for board-to-board use. These contacts however are designed for use with a wire-to-board connector system having a 0.05" pitch, and may be worth a try.

I should have been more clear. It is single pin, so pitch is less critical.
Square male pin dimensions = 0.050" on each side
pitch of connector it might plug into = 0.050" (1.27mm)

Looked at the contacts you referenced, could work with solder + heat shrink tubing. Anything that is already insulated over the female receptacle itself?

Part numbers and/or images of the referenced products may be helpful here, as what I understand to be described (a single-circuit, wire-to-board connector system using square pins measuring 0.050" or 0.1" on a side) does not stir clear memories of any particular product family. The cross-sectional area of such contacts would be loosely equivalent to a 12 and 6AWG conductor respectively (uncommonly beefy for PCB work) and 0.050" square pins on a 0.50" pitch would coalesce into a contiguous mass.