Female connector for header

Hello again, I am looking to make an extender cable for the pictured header. The male end of my extender cable is not so important as I can push my 18 awg wires individually into the female receptacle. The male header shown has .050 in. Rectangular pins on .163 in. pitch (measured with an old vernier caliber so I’ll take whatever you have closest) . I would like a 3 pin and also 6 pin so I can use either or for this as well as future projects. Tin is certainly sufficient. Thank you

The connector That I located that closest matches the picture is TE part number 3-640433-6, Digi-Key part number A31256-ND
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This has a pitch of 0.156" which is the closest match to the picture. This takes square pins that are 0.045" so it looks like we are within the specs you are looking for. The technical reference number is T4172392
The three position is TE part number is 3-640433-3, Digi-Key part number A31253-ND
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