Just a simple identification

Hi everyone, I’ve got a 4 pin connector here used on MOSFET. The pins stick down vertically from the female connection and they snapped off. So, I’m looking for a replacement and I’ve found many parts that look close but I don’t know if they’re exactly what I’m looking for so I’m turning to you guys for help. It’s exactly 7.5mm wide and I use this thing in conjunction with a 11.1v battery.
here’s a link to imgur showing 2 pictures of it

Hi Davissimo,
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Can you give us a pitch measurement for the connector? Measure the distance from the center of one pin to the center of the pin next to it. This will help us narrow down possible options.

It’s hard to get a perfect measurement, but I’m pretty certain the pins are 1mm apart from each other.

Hi Davissimo,
Thanks for the reply. Take a look at Digikey part 455-1659-ND as a possible match. This has a 1.5 mm pitch with 1mm between pins.