Playstation 4 - Motherboard power supplied 4 pin connector


Hi Guys,
I’m here screaming for help. I’m looking for a 4 pin connector which is solder to the motherboard of a ps4. Not looking for the cable, I’m looking for the white piece. I’ve attached a few pictures to see if anyone in here might recognized the part and might know the correct name for it, or where to purchase this part.



Please measure the pitch of the pins. Measure the distance from the center of one pin contact to the center of the next pin contact. That will the pitch, and we can search options for the connector by using this measurement.,


I’m new to this. So, I wouldn’t know how to measure it? Any suggestions…


A caliper works best, but if you do not have one, just use a tape measure.


I’ve order one today. Will be getting later on threw Amazon. I will try my best to send the measurements later on.


Pitch of a Connector

This post elsewhere on the forum will help you figure out good ways to measure the pitch of your connector, as well as explaining what pitch is. Hopefully this will help.


This might be the connector you are looking for A118133CT-ND. I would double check measurements before going with it.